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You are more than welcome to participate in any of our course. We understand your a busy bee on Saturday and that is why we chose to offer training on Sundays-Mondays! All we ask is that your class is paid in full and have a model so you can practice on different types of natural lashes. Training Starts at 10am and ends 5pm. Food and drinks are always provide so you can focus on just the lashes. Depending on type of training course you have chosen, this will determine your kit. For more information on kits  please check out our product line website


Why London's Beauty Studio

Classic Lashes

Learning how to apply Classic Lashing is the first step to starting a successful lash career. In a classic lash course students will learn how to apply one extension to one natural lash on a client. This technique should be mastered before attempting volume lashing. A Cosmetology or Aesthetics license is needed to attend classes.

Volume Lashes

The Volume Lash application is performed by adhering multiple extensions (2D-6D) to each individual natural lash. A Cosmetology or Aesthetics license is needed to attend classes.** must be certified in classic lashes for at least 6 months.

Lash Lifts

A Lash Lifting actually turns the eyelashes upwards to give them length, height and volume, and an appearance of having longer and thicker lashes. A Cosmetology or Aesthetics license is needed to attend classes.

Our Guarantee

Our Lash Training classes cover all points to become a successful lash technician. Students will master lash anatomy, health and sanitation guidelines, eyelash application and aftercare practices.

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After the course is finished, student will receive a Certificate of Completions. There it will state students name and name of the course completed. Photos of the course will be use for advertising purposes.

Any questions

If there is anymore questions you can contact London's Beauty Studio Directly. Contact Monique at (909) 275-8000 or email

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